Applying algorithms for beginners

Applying algorithms is the goal when you want to use a programming language to solve problems.

In the last unit of this course we studied how to create simple algorithms. This one, is about how to apply those algorithms using a programming language.

If you missed the first unit, you can find it here. Notice that although you can read this as a single article, it is part of a programming course for beginners.

Welcome back to my course, here you will study how to apply algorithms.
Welcome back to my course

To be able to apply algorithms using a programming language you have to learn several concepts.

You can find below the topics you will learn in this Unit.

Lesson 1: OOP principles

The first step of your journey through this unit is to learn the OOP principles.

You first will learn that programming is part of a bigger process: Software development. Then, you will see what are the principles and one of the top authors in the OOP topic.

The approximate time to complete this lesson is 15 minutes.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Java

One of the many programming languages that we can use to apply algorithms in solving real life problems is Java.

We are going to use Java because it is one of the most used programming languages, it supports the object-oriented paradigm and it is great for you to learn the OOP concepts and principles.

Lesson 3: Classes

Class is the main concept in Object-Oriented Programming. If you really want to understand and use object-oriented programming, you must master the concept of Class.

Lesson 4: Objects

Objects are a central concept in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). In this article, you will learn what objects are in OOP and how to use them.

Lesson 5: Arithmetic and logic expressions

Expressions are an important tool for programmers. We can divide them into arithmetic and logic expressions. Let’s see what expressions are and how we can use them to solve problems. 

Lesson 6: Conditionals in Java

Conditionals in Java is a must know if you want to write code in Java that solves a problem. It is one of the most important building blocks in every programming language.

In this lesson you will learn what are conditionals statements and how to use them.

Lesson 7: Loops in Java

Loops in Java is the structure that will allow us to implement algorithms with repetitions. In this lesson, you will learn the two different types of loops you can find in most programming languages. Also, you will see how to use them in Java. From the lesson algorithms with repetitions, we created the following algorithm …

Lesson 8: All together: example on how to apply algorithms using Java

Solving problems using a programming language is the main aim of learning programming. Let’s see an example of a problem and how to solve it using everything we learned until now (Unit 1 and 2). To solve a problem using programming, we have to follow certain steps, usually in the same order. We first identify …